Opening an Object Editor

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Object editors are accessed from the Datasource Navigator/Explorer pane of the main window.

To open an Object editor on a specific database object in DBArtisan

  1. Connect to the datasource with the database object to be edited. For more information, see Datasource and Server Management.
  2. On the Datasource Navigator/Explorer, expand the target datasource.
  3. Continue to expand folders under the datasource until the type of object you want to view or modify is visible.
  4. On the Datasource Navigator/Explorer, click on the specific type of object that you want to view or modify.
    All objects of that type on the datasource are displayed.
  5. In the Navigator/Explorer, right-click the specific object you want to view or modify, and then select Open.
    An editor for that object type opens on the object you selected.

For information on editing objects, see Viewing and Modifying Object Properties.