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The Options Editor’s Query Builder Options tab lets you specify operational and execution preferences for the Query Builder. Option parameters set on the Options Editor elicit a prompt if there are different options set on an open individual session. Global options override properties set within individual Query Builder sessions.

Note: For information on opening the Options Editor, see Specifying Application Preferences and Feature Options.
Note: For information on using the Query Builder, see Query Builder.

The table below describes the options and functionality on the Query Builder tab:

Interface Element Option Description Default

Code Generation

Generate Use Database statement

Adds a line of SQL code indicating which database or instance is used in the statement.


Generate owner names

Adds a line of SQL code showing the table owner name as part of the query.


Include Row Count limits

Includes the output row limit set in the Execution settings.

Not selected

Generate SQL/92 if supported by DBMS

SQL/92 is a standard for relational database management systems.

Not selected


To set the maximum number of rows in your result set, type the number in the dialog. This lessens congestion of server processes when queries execute by setting row count limits.

1000 rows


Show Column Data types in Query Diagram

Reveals the data type in each column for tables in the SQL Diagram pane.

Not selected

Confirm on Item delete

Opens a Confirm Delete dialog when an item is deleted.


Auto Populate Views

Checks syntax every time an execute statement, refresh or copy statement begins.

Not Selected

Auto Format

Automatically sets style and spacing of display.


Auto Join

Run Automatically

Automatically detects names and data types, and create joins for multiple tables.


Require Indexes

Joins only indexed columns. Requires an indexed column for joins.


Require same data type

Automatically joins columns with the same data type.


Syntax Checker

Automatic Syntax Check

Automatically checks SELECT and CREATE VIEW statements for errors.


Warn on non index join

Returns a warning when it detects a join against a non-indexed column, or a column not participating in a primary key

Not selected


Lets you sets the style, size, and color of Column Font and Title Font. Also lets you set the background Table Color for the SQL Diagram Pane.