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This action builds and submits a REPAIR TABLE statement, letting you repair a corrupted table. This operation returns a standard REPAIR TABLE result set. Each returned message consists of Table (name), Op (with a value of REPAIR), Msg_type (STATUS, ERROR, INFO, WARNING), and Msg_text components.

Platform Availability

To Repair a Possibly Corrupted Table

1 On the Datasource Navigator/Explorer, expand nodes until the Tables node is visible.
2 In DBArtisan, if using the Datasource Explorer select the Tables node or if using the Datasource Navigator expand that node.
3 Right-click one or more selected tables and select Repair Tables from the context menu.
The Repair Tables dialog opens.
4 Use the following table as a guide to understanding and modifying settings in this wizard:
Step Settings and tasks

Action Options


Only the index tree is fixed.


Creates the index row by row instead of creating one index at a time with sorting.

Use FRM file

Recreates the .MYI file header using information in the .frm file.


Lists referring and referenced objects potentially impacted by the change. For details, see Dependencies.


Displays the DDL that will execute the object action. For more information, see Preview.

5 Click Execute. For information on the scheduling option, see Scheduling.

The results set opens on the Results tab of an ISQL editor window. For more information, see Using the Results Editor.