Restart Sequence(s)

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This action builds and submits an ALTER SEQUENCE... RESTART/RESTART WITH statement. This lets you reset the current value to either the initial value specified when the sequence was created, or reset it to a specified value.

Platform Availability

To reset the value of a sequence

  1. Initiate a Restart Sequence(s) action against one or more sequences. For more information, see Initiating an object operation.
  2. Use the following table as a guide to understanding and modifying settings in the dialog:
Step Settings and tasks

Action options

Start With

An integer that will be returned as the next value of the sequence object. The integer must be within the range specified for the sequence. If no value is provided, sequence numbering restarts with the initial value specified when the sequence was created.


Lets you review the objects potentially impacted by this action. For more information, see Dependencies.


Preview the DDL generated for the operation. For more information, see Preview.

3. Click Execute. For information on the scheduling option, see Scheduling.