Selecting ALL or DISTINCT Columns

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Selecting ALL or DISTINCT columns is a way to filter data in your query. Selecting ALL columns means all rows displays results in the grid regardless of duplication in non-primary key columns. The DISTINCT column function is a query process that limits duplicate data in non-primary key columns to rows with the first iteration of any identical data. For example, if there are two identical addresses for different last names, and the column with a primary key does not participate in the query, only the row with the first instance of the address displays in the results of the query.

To select ALL or DISTINCT columns, do the following:

  1. In the Statement Tree pane, right-click the ALL or DISTINCT node, click Properties, and then select the ALL or DISTINCT check box.
In the Statement Tree pane, double click the ALL or DISTINCT node. Query Builder toggles to the opposite function.
Note: You can change between ALL or DISTINCT at any time prior to executing or copying a query.