Setting up PL/SQL Profiler

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The Oracle profiling tables must be on the Oracle server before you can use the PL/SQL Profiler. The first time you open the PL/SQL Profiler, the server is checked for the profiling tables. If the profiling tables are not on the server, Oracle SQL*Plus is atarted, which installs profiling tables on the Oracle server.

To run Oracle SQL*Plus (which installs the profiling tables) your Oracle server and client must meet the following conditions:

  • The Oracle server and the client have the same version of Oracle.
  • The client has the Oracle\BIN directory on the path.
  • The client has the Oracle file, SQLPLUS.exe in the Oracle\BIN directory.
  • The following Oracle files are in the Oracle\RDBMS\ADMIN directory:
  • DBMSPBP.sql
  • PROFLOAD.sql
  • PROFTAB.sql
  • PRVTPBP.blp
Note: If the Oracle server and the client machines are running different versions of Oracle, after running SQL*Plus, the following error message is displayed: Version of package is incompatible.