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Go Up to Configuring Feature Options

The Options Editor’s Space Analyst tab lets you specify DBMS-specific parameters.

Note: For information on opening the Options Editor, see Specifying Application Preferences and Feature Options.
Note: For information on using Space Analyst, see Space Analyst.

The table below describes the options and functionality on the Space Analyst tab:

Tab Option Description Default


Exclude objects owned by SYS in Reorganization Wizard.

The Space Analyst Reorganization Wizard excludes SYS objects.


Auto populate Table Reorganization Details Grid

Space Analyst auto-populates table reorganization details.

Not Selected

Auto populate Index Reorganization Details Grid

Space Analyst auto-populates index reorganization details.

Not Selected

Populate Index Reorganization Details Grid with Deleted Leaf Statistics

Space Analyst gathers deleted leaf row statistics for an index and displays details.

Not Selected

SQL Server, Sybase ASE, and IBM DB2 for Windows, Unix, and Linux

Offers the option to update the Table Details Grid and Index Details Grid.

Not Selected