User Messages Wizard (SQL Server)

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The User Message wizard lets you create multiple-language versions of user messages, such as errors and warnings, associated with a single message number. Key properties include the severity level and whether the message is automatically written to the NT Event Log.

Note: The user messages node only displays under the master database.

To create a new user message using a wizard:

  1. Open a creation wizard for a user message. For details, see Opening an Object Wizard.
  2. Use the following topics as a guide to setting properties and performing tasks as you pass through the wizard panels:
  3. Finally, use the Execute button to create the object.

User Messages (SQL Server) - Properties

When creating or editing a user message, this tab/panel lets you work with the following settings:

Setting Description

Message Number

Lets you specify a message number. The number must be greater than 50,000. The wizard automatically loads a value one higher than the currently highest used message number, but you can override the value.


Lets you select a predefined severity level between 001 and 025. The levels and their meanings are indicated in the User Message editor.

Write to NT Event Log

Lets you specify that the message is always written to the Windows NT Event Log.

User Messages (SQL Server) - Information

Lets you create the different language versions of the text for the message. The first version must be created in us_english. Click the Add new text for the user message button, and in the dialog box that opens, select a Language of us_english and provide the Message Text.

You can subsequently use the same process to create each different language version of the us_english message.

Note: You cannot create two versions of a message for the same language.

This tab/panel also lets you edit and delete messages.