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Release 17.0.2 features summary

There are no new features in DBArtisan 17.0.2. This release does include a number of fixed issues that you may review in the Release Notes.

Release 17.0.0 features summary

Improved SQL Server Feature Plan Support

DBArtisan improves SQL Server feature support with new functionality including:

  • Table and index compression. The Data Compression feature helps reduce the size of a database. When creating a table or index, the Data Compression page of the Create Table/Index Wizard allows you to change the compression type to ROW, PAGE, or NONE. Note that page compression automatically implements row compression. For more information about this feature, see Tables Wizard (SQL Server) and Indexes Wizard (SQL Server).

Data Compression.jpg Data Compression Index.jpg

  • Columnstore Index support. A columnstore index is a technology for storing, retrieving, and managing data by using a columnar data format called a columnstore. SQL Server supports both clustered and non-clustered columnstore indexes. For more information about this feature, see Indexes Wizard (SQL Server).

Columnstore Properties.jpg

  • Spatial Index support. A spatial index is a type of extended index that allows you to index a spatial column. A spatial column is a table column that contains data of a spatial data type, such as geometry or geography. For more information about this feature, see Tables Wizard (SQL Server) and Indexes Wizard (SQL Server).

Spatial Table.jpg Spatial Index.jpg* Data Masking support

  • Temporal Tables support. A system-versioned temporal table is a type of user table designed to keep a full history of data changes and allow easy point in time analysis. This type of temporal table is referred to as a system-versioned temporal table because the period of validity for each row is managed by the system. For more information about this feature, see Tables Wizard (SQL Server).

Temporal Properties.jpg

  • In-Memory Tables support. In-Memory OLTP is the premier technology available in SQL Server Database for optimizing performance of transaction processing, data ingestion, data load, and transient data scenarios. For more information about this feature, see Tables Wizard (SQL Server).

In-Memory Tables.jpg

  • Natively-Compiled Procedures support. Natively-compiled stored procedures, triggers, and functions are Transact-SQL procedures compiled to native code that access memory-optimized tables. Natively compiled stored procedures allow for efficient execution of the queries and business logic in the stored procedure. For more information about this feature, see Procedures Wizard (SQL Server), Triggers Wizard (SQL Server), and Functions Wizard (SQL Server).

Natively Compiled Procedures.jpg Natively Compiled Triggers.jpg Natively Compiled Functions.jpg

  • Table Encryption support. Table encryption is a feature designed to protect sensitive data, such as credit card numbers or national identification numbers (e.g. U.S. social security numbers), stored in Azure SQL Database or SQL Server databases. Always Encrypted allows clients to encrypt sensitive data inside client applications and never reveal the encryption keys to the database engine, whether SQL database or SQL Server. For more information about this features, see Column Master Key Wizard (SQL Server), Column Encryption Key Wizard (SQL Server) and Tables Wizard (SQL Server).
  • Data Masking support. Dynamic data masking (DDM) limits sensitive data exposure by masking it to non-privileged users. It can be used to greatly simplify the design and coding of security in your application. DDM helps prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data by enabling customers to designate how much of the sensitive data to reveal with minimal impact on the application layer. For more information about this feature, see Tables Wizard (SQL Server).

DDM Columns.jpg

Improved Execution Plan Support

Execution plans now offer the ability to display the estimated plan and the actual plan as well as the ability to view the query plan as a graph, tree, or XML.

Offers Visual File Group, Data File, and Log File Support

DBAs now can use file groups, data files, and log files in the Server Storage section of DBArtisan to visualize the high-level usage and status of their disk space. User-defined filegroups can be created to group data files together for administrative, data allocation, and placement purposes.

Improved Databases Summary Detail Screen

The Databases Summary Detail screen now provides the Source Database column to signify whether the database is a snapshot copy of another database.

Improved Server Roles Functionality

The Server Roles tab no longer allows for hierarchical server roles.

Added Print Capability to Index CREATE and ALTER Scripts

Users now can print Index CREATE or ALTER errors as shown.

Improved Debugger Functionality

DBArtisan debugger is updated to work with the latest releases for local databases.

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