Working with Table Data - Create Insert Statements

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Go Up to Session 7: Data Management

DBArtisan lets you generate a set of INSERT statements based on rows of an existing table.

  1. On the Datasource Explorer, select any Oracle datasource.
  2. On the Oracle datasource, expand the Tables node.
  3. In the right pane of the Explorer window, right-click any table, and then select Create Insert Statements. DBArtisan opens the Create Insert Statements dialog. For example:
  4. In Columns, select the columns you want to include in the INSERT statement.
  5. You can also filter what rows are included by adding your WHERE clause.
  6. Click OK.
    The resulting INSERT statements are created and presented in an active ISQL window. At this point, they can be executed immediately, scheduled to execute later, or saved. Note that all extracted INSERT statements can be run against the same or different databases containing a similar schema.
  7. Close the editor pane.

Proceed to Working with Table Data - Extract Data as XML.