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This page contains important information about the deployment of applications developed using HTML5 Builder. Read it before you start the deployment procedures of any of your applications.

General Application Deployment

When building client applications (web and mobile) and server applications (web and mobile), provide all the files (scripts, templates, images, etc.) your application requires.

Server applications also need to run in an environment that has the RPCL redistributables installed. If you used third-party components not included among the built-in components, be sure to include those components and their dependencies with your distribution as well.

Components and Packages

Distributing Custom Components and Packages

If you distribute HTML5 Builder components or packages to other developers, be sure to supply the necessary files, including the definition files (.php), package files (.package.php), scripts, templates, images, or any other file your components make use of. Also, include any documentation you might have.

RPCL Components and Packages

The redistributable RPCL library resides in the \rpcl subfolder of your HTML5 Builder installation directory. Unless otherwise specified, you are free to distribute the content of this folder under the terms of the LGPL license. Review the ThirdPartyLicense.rtf file, inside the bin folder of the installation directory, for details on the licensing terms.

You have to deploy the contents of the RPCL folder to your production server, to a location accessible by the webserver. For example, inside the /rpcl subfolder of your httpdocs folder. This can be done by compressing the whole RPCL folder on a .tar.gz file, uploading the file on the server and decompressing the file inside the root folder of your applications.

This is the typical structure for a HTML5 Builder application:

This is the root folder of your application.
  • Content: .php, .xml.php.
The folder where the RPCL library resides.
  • Content:,,, etc.

Third-party Libraries Included in the RPCL

Consult the ThirdPartyLicense.rtf file, inside the bin folder of the installation directory, to review the respective licenses of the separately licensed code included in the RPCL library.


Any software identified as a template and located in the Templates folder, inside the sample applications directory, is © Embarcadero Technologies, Inc., and is considered a redistributable as defined under the software license agreement. Please check the notices in the source code for the applicable licensing for demo files installed with HTML5 Builder and the RPCL library in general.

Other Components

Any file, module or component not designated as redistributable in this document may not be redistributed, and is limited to use by you under the terms of the end-user license agreement (Software License and Support Agreement) accompanying this product.

Removed or Modified Redistributable Files

Embarcadero reserves the right to remove or modify individual redistributable files from this Embarcadero software product, at any time prior to release of the product, regardless of whether such files continue to be listed as “redistributable” upon release of the product. Embarcadero shall have no obligation whatsoever in connection with any file which is listed as “redistributable” but has been removed from the product prior to the product’s release.

Unless otherwise noted, all materials provided in this release are Copyright © 2004-2012 by Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.