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The gutter during debug.

The gutter is a vertical bar at the left-most side of the Code Editor. This bar, empty by default, helps you manage breakpoints (for debugging).

For each line, it can display different icons depending on the circumstances:

  • Current Execution Point Mark.png: This line is where the execution flow is currently stopped at.
  • Breakpoint.png: There is a working breakpoint at this line.
  • Disabled Breakpoint.png: There is a disabled breakpoint at this line.


You can manage breakpoints from the gutter:

  • To add a breakpoint, click on the gutter at the desired line. If there is an existing breakpoit at that line, you will remove it.
  • To edit a breakpoint and change its properties:
    1. Right-click on the breakpoint icon (Breakpoint.png or Disabled Breakpoint.png).
    2. Select Breakpoint Properties….
    3. Edit the properties as you wish, and click OK.
  • To disable a breakpoint, so it is ignored during debugging (execution flow will not stop because of it):
    1. Right-click on the breakpoint icon (Breakpoint.png).
    2. Select Enabled. The icon will become Disabled Breakpoint.png.
  • You can enable a breakpoint the same way you disabled it.

You can alternatively manage breakpoints with commands or from the Breakpoint List.