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Sample applications help you get a better understanding of how to develop your HTML5 Builder applications. You will find them in the sample applications folder.

Tip: You will find references to specific sample applications included on the pages of the components showcased on those applications. See Canvas or Mobile Theming, for example.


There are sample applications that require a database management system to work. For those you are going to need to load the sample databases included in the sample applications folder into the target DBMS.


InterBase samples all use the employee.gdb sample database. To install InterBase, check the installation notes.


For MySQL-based applications, there is an SQL script called oscommerce.sql, which you need to run on your MySQL server.

Note: The file contains non-ASCII characters, so pasting the content in an open MySQL console in an MSDOS window won’t work. Use the source oscommerce.sql command instead.