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function DefaultFields: Boolean; deprecated 'Use TField.LifeCycle or TFields.LifeCycles properties instead';


bool __fastcall DefaultFields _DEPRECATED_ATTRIBUTE1("Use TField.LifeCycle or TFields.LifeCycles properties instead") ();


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Data.DB TDataSet


Warning: DefaultFields is deprecated.

Indicates whether a dataset's underlying field components are generated dynamically when the dataset is opened.

Read DefaultFields to determine whether a dataset uses dynamically generated field components or persistent field components. If DefaultFields is true, the dataset uses dynamically allocated field components. If DefaultFields is False, the dataset uses persistent field components.

Unless persistent field components are assigned to a dataset at design time using the Fields editor, the dataset creates dynamic field components based on the structure of its underlying data when it is opened.

Note: TDataSet.DefaultFields is marked as deprecated. Use TFields.LifeCycles and TField.LifeCycle instead.

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