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property ObjectView: Boolean read FObjectView write SetObjectView;


__property bool ObjectView = {read=FObjectView, write=SetObjectView, nodefault};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Data.DB TDataSet


Specifies whether fields are stored hierarchically or flattened out in the Fields property.

ObjectView affects the way the Fields property stores object fields and the way data-aware grids display ADT and array fields.

When ObjectView is true, the fields are stored hierarchically in the Fields property, meaning any child fields of an object field are referenced by the object field and don't appear sequentially after the object field in the TFields:: .Fields array. When ObjectView is false, the fields are stored sequentially in the Fields property, meaning any child fields of an object field are stored after the object field as siblings in the Fields array.

When ObjectView is false, object field types, such as TADTField, are not created. This switch is provided for increased compatibility with older data-aware controls, which may not handle object field types properly. The default is false for TBDEDataSet, and true for TClientDataSet.

Note: If the ObjectView property of the dataset provided to a TClientDataSet is false, then the TClientDataSet's ObjectView property always acts as false, since the data received is already flattened.

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