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property Exported: Boolean read FExported write FExported default True;


__property bool Exported = {read=FExported, write=FExported, default=1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Datasnap.Provider TCustomProvider


Allows client applications to pass calls to the provider when it resides on an application server.

Use Exported to indicate whether the provider is made available to clients of a remote data module that owns it. When Exported is true, client applications can specify the provider as a target for calls made using the IAppServer interface. When Exported is false, IAppServer calls that specify the provider cause an exception.

Note: In addition to the Exported property, the provider must be registered with the remote data module for clients to access it using the data module's IAppServer interface. When the provider's Owner is the remote data module, it is automatically registered. If the provider has a different owner, the server application must explicitly register providers using the remote data module's RegisterProvider method.

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