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property AutoComplete: Boolean read FAutoComplete write FAutoComplete default True;


__property bool AutoComplete = {read=FAutoComplete, write=FAutoComplete, default=1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Datasnap.Win.MtsRdm TMtsDataModule


Specifies whether the IAppServer methods are transactional.

AutoComplete controls whether calls made using the IAppServer interface end in a call to SetComplete or SetAbort. By calling SetComplete or SetAbort, the MTS data module indicates that no state information needs to be preserved when the call exits. This allows any MTS transactions to complete (or roll back) and allows COM+ or the MTS proxy to deactivate the MTS data module.

When AutoComplete is true, all IAppServer methods call SetComplete when they are done with two exceptions:

AS_ApplyUpdates calls SetAbort if an exception is raised or if the error count exceeds the specified maximum.

AS_DataRequest doesn't call either SetComplete or SetAbort. You must add the appropriate call to the OnDataRequest event handler.

Set AutoComplete to false if the MTS data module needs to preserve state information (such as the current record in a dataset) after an IAppServer call exits. When AutoComplete is false, you must add your own interface methods that call SetComplete or SetAbort when the MTS data module can be safely deactivated.

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