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TLocalConnection = class(TCustomRemoteServer, IAppServer{$IFDEF MSWINDOWS}, ISupportErrorInfo{$ENDIF})


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TLocalConnection : public Datasnap::Dbclient::TCustomRemoteServer


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Datasnap.Win.TConnect Datasnap.Win.TConnect


TLocalConnection represents the connection between a client dataset or XML broker and a provider that resides in the same application.

Use TLocalConnection to manage the connection between one or more client datasets or XML brokers and the providers that reside in the same application. When working with local providers, it is not necessary to set the RemoteServer property of a client dataset or XML broker to a TLocalConnection component. However, using TLocalConnection lets your application communicate directly with local providers through the AppServer property. This provides access to methods that would otherwise be unavailable, and makes it easier to scale up to a multi-tiered application at a later time.

TLocalConnection implements the IAppServer interface.

Warning: TLocalConnection only links clients to providers that are instances of TDataSetProvider.

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