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TTextLayout = class abstract


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TTextLayout : public System::TObject


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.TextLayout FMX.TextLayout


Abstract class that provides mechanisms to render text quickly.

Such rendering systems are supported by DirectWrite API (Windows) and Core Text framework (OS X).

To create this class, use TTextLayoutManager.

Use AddAttribute to assign text block properties like TTextRange (starting position and length) and TTextAttribute (font and color).

When changing several properties of the layout, you should use the BeginUpdate and EndUpdate procedures.

Use RenderLayout to render the text on a canvas.

The PositionAtPoint method returns the position in text by the position's coordinates.

The RegionForRange method returns the array of the rectangles surrounding the range of the text specified in ARange.

Another feature is the ability to convert text to a TPathData object by calling the ConvertToPath procedure.

Note: On Windows versions lower than Windows Vista below SP1, the used render system is GDI+, otherwise it is DirectWrite.

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