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property Connection: TFDCustomConnection read GetConnection write SetConnection stored IsCNS;


__property TFDCustomConnection* Connection = {read=GetConnection, write=SetConnection, stored=IsCNS};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
FireDAC.Comp.Client TFDRdbmsDataSet


Specifies the FireDAC connection component to use.

Use Connection to specify a FireDAC connection object to use in order to connect to a DBMS. 

At design time, select from the list of available TFDCustomConnection objects (if any have been added to the application) invoked from the Object Inspector. If a form or data module has TFDCustomConnection dropped on it, TFDRdbmsDataSet assigns this connection object to the Connection property automatically right after dropping it on the form or data module. 

At run time, set Connection to reference an existing TFDConnection object. TFDRdbmsDataSet can be bound to the TFDCustomConnection object using Connection or ConnectionName property. Using ConnectionName property allows to bind to a connection object if it is not yet created or it is not accessible.

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