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Package FireDACMongoDBDriver280.bpl


EMongoNativeExceptionDefines an exception object specific to MongoDB.
IMongoCursorRepresents the result set cursor interface.
TFDMongoErrorDefines an error item that keeps the MongoDB error specific information.
TMongoBSONLibLoads the libbson-xxx dynamic library and obtains the BSON API entry points.
TMongoClientLibLoads the libmongoc-xxx dynamic library and obtains MongoDB API entry points.
TMongoCollectionRepresents a MongoDB collection.
TMongoCommandMongoDB command builder.
TMongoConnectionRepresents a connection to a MongoDB server, and provides access to its databases and collections.
TMongoCursorRepresents a MongoDB cursor that you can use to iterate through the documents of a result set.
TMongoDatabaseRepresents a MongoDB database. Use this class to manage the collections and users of the represented database.
TMongoDocumentDefines a document that is the key object in MongoDB API. Encapsulates MongoDB bson_t structure.
TMongoEnvDefines a service object that groups together references to the client libraries, an error handling object, the character set encoders, a tracer, and others.
TMongoErrorEncapsulates the MongoDB bson_error_t structure that is required to handle the server errors.
TMongoExpressionRepresents a fluent style MongoDB expression builder.
TMongoIndexFluent MongoDB index definition builder.
TMongoInsertBuilder for a MongoDB insert operation.
TMongoObjectA base class for all MongoDB API wrapping classes.
TMongoOIDEncapsulates the MongoDB bson_oid_t structure that represents an OID (Object ID), which is equivalent to TJsonOid.
TMongoPipelineRepresents a fluent style MongoDB pipeline builder.
TMongoQueryRepresents a fluent style MongoDB query builder.
TMongoReadPreferenceEncapsulates the MongoDB mongoc_read_prefs_t structure and represents MongoDB API read preferences.
TMongoSelectorBuilder for a MongoDB selector, a query expression to filter a list of collections or the documents of a collection.
TMongoSessionEncapsulates MongoDB mongoc_session_t structure and represents a MongoDB session.
TMongoTransactionOptionsEncapsulates MongoDB Pmongoc_transaction_opt_t structure, representing MongoDB API transaction options.
TMongoUpdateBuilder for a MongoDB update operation.
TMongoWriteConcernEncapsulates MongoDB mongoc_write_concern_t structure that represents MongoDB API write concerns.