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property StrsTrim: Boolean read GetStrsTrim write SetStrsTrim


__property bool StrsTrim = {read=GetStrsTrim, write=SetStrsTrim, stored=IsSTS, default=1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
FireDAC.Stan.Option TFDFormatOptions


Controls the removing of trailing spaces from string values and zero bytes from binary values.

Use the StrsTrim property to specify whether FireDAC should remove (True):

  • trailing spaces from fixed length string values;
  • trailing zero bytes from fixed length binary values;

or not (False). The default value is True

The property applies to fixed length column values at rows fetching and to parameter values at command execution. The property will be applied before StrsEmpty2Null is applied. The property is used only for the trimming of:

  • fixed length string values, such as CHAR/NCHAR;
  • fixed length binary values, such as BINARY/RAW.

It does not affect the variable length string and binary values, such as VARCHAR/NVARCHAR or VARBINARY, and the BLOB values. 

Note: For SQLite, this property is applied to all string columns, including ftMemo, ftWideMemo, ftString, ftWideString, ftFixedChar, and ftFixedWideChar.

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