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property ParamCreate: Boolean read GetParamCreate write SetParamCreate


__property bool ParamCreate = {read=GetParamCreate, write=SetParamCreate, stored=IsPCS, default=1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
FireDAC.Stan.Option TFDResourceOptions


Controls the automatic filling of a Params collection.

Use the ParamCreate property to control the automatic filling of a Params collection. If it is True, the SQL preprocessor scans the SQL command text for ':' symbols, it extracts parameter names and includes them into a Params collection. The scanning will be performed at each command text change. The default value is True

Setting ParamCreate to False may be useful in the following conditions:

  • The target DBMS uses ':' symbols in its own SQL dialect and FireDAC cannot recognize them as an SQL construction. Also, the SQL commands with these symbols may confuse the FireDAC SQL preprocessor.
  • The SQL command cannot contain any parameters, like in a DDL SQL.
  • The application does not use any parameters.

Setting PreprocessCmdText to False assigns a False value to ParamCreate.

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