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property ServerOutput: Boolean read GetServerOutput


__property bool ServerOutput = {read=GetServerOutput, write=SetServerOutput, stored=IsSOS, default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
FireDAC.Stan.Option TFDTopResourceOptions


Controls the accessibility of the server-side messages.

Use ServerOutput to control the accessibility of the server-side non-error messages (warnings, user messages, and so on) to a client application. Set it to True to make sure that the messages are delivered. If you set it to False, then the messages may be delivered or not, depending on a DBMS. 

Not all supported DBMSs are returning non-error messages automatically. For example, for Oracle and MySQL, FireDAC needs to call additional DBMS API to bring the messages to a client. That requires additional server round trips. But for SQL Server and Sybase SQL Anywhere the messages are always returned automatically. Set ServerOutput to True to make sure that for any DBMS the messages will be returned to the client automatically, but be aware that leads to additional SQL execution overhead. 

The returned messages will be accessible through the Messages property.

The messages will be stored there until the next DBMS call (Open, ExecSQL, StartTransaction, and so on).

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