PlatformAPI.IOTADesignerDevice190 Properties

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ActivepublicActive is True if the design-time device is the default design-time device; it is False otherwise.
DevicePlatformpublicDevicePlatform is the platform that a design-time device runs on.
DisplayNamepublicDisplay name of a device.
FormFactorpublicFormFactor is the form factor of a design-time device.
HidepublicHide is True if the view associated with the device is not listed on the View Selector; it is False otherwise.
InternalNamepublicInternalName is the ID of a design-time device.
LayoutspublicLayouts is an array of layouts of a design-time device indexed by orientation.
ListOrderpublicListOrder defines the position of a design-time device in the list of all design-time devices.
ThumbnailpublicThumbnail is the path of the thumbnail that represents a design-time device.
UserDatapublicUserData is True if the design-time device can be edited by a user; it is False otherwise.