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TSimpleDataSet = class(TCustomClientDataSet)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TSimpleDataSet : public Datasnap::Dbclient::TCustomClientDataSet


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
SimpleDS SimpleDS


TSimpleDataSet uses dbExpress to fetch data and cache it internally in memory.

TSimpleDataSet is a client dataset that uses an internal TSQLDataSet and TDataSetProvider for fetching data and applying updates. It combines the fast access and easy deployment of a unidirectional dataset with a client dataset's ability to edit and navigate data.

TSimpleDataSet uses dbExpress for fast access to database information. As a client dataset, TSimpleDataSet caches that information in memory and saves any updates the application makes. With its internal dataset provider, TSimpleDataSet can apply those updates back to the database server. Thus, TSimpleDataSet works like TClientDataSet when it is connected to a local TSQLDataSet via a provider, except that the source dataset and provider are internal.

TSimpleDataSet surfaces some of the properties and events of TSQLDataSet so that you can specify the database server from which to fetch data, indicate what data to fetch from that server, influence what information is included in data packets, and provide input on the updating process.

In addition to using the source TSQLDataSet, TSimpleDataSet can read from and write to a dedicated file on disk. The internal provider and source dataset are not needed for working with file-based data, making TClientDataSet a more suitable choice if you are writing a purely file-based application. However, the ability to work with a file on disk makes TSimpleDataSet well-suited to briefcase model applications.

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