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THTTPSoapPascalInvoker = class(TSoapPascalInvoker, IHTTPSoapDispatch)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION THTTPSoapPascalInvoker : public Soap::Soappasinv::TSoapPascalInvoker


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public


THTTPSoapPascalInvoker interprets a SOAP request message and executes the corresponding invokable interface.

Use THTTPSoapPascalInvoker in an application that publishes a Web Service using SOAP. THTTPSoapPascalInvoker receives an incoming SOAP request from a THTTPSoapDispatcher component, parses it and generates the appropriate call to a registered invokable interface, and encodes the results of that interface call.

In Delphi, you use THTTPSoapPascalInvoker directly as the invoker in your Web Service application. In C++, you use THTTPSoapCppInvoker, a descendant class, instead.

THTTPSoapPascalInvoker implements the IHTTPSoapDispatch interface, which the dispatcher uses to pass it incoming SOAP requests and to receive the content of the response message. To enable the dispatcher to use this interface, assign it as the value of the THTTPSoapDispatcher component's Dispatcher property.

THTTPSoapPascalInvoker uses the invocation registry (InvRegistry) to determine whether the interface call encoded in the incoming SOAP request matches a method on a registered invokable interface. Thus, before the invoker can handle a call, the target interface must be registered using the RegisterInterface method of the invocation registry. In addition, the implementation class for that interface must be registered with the invocation registry.

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