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function Append(var F: Text): Integer;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public System.pas System System


Prepares an existing file for adding text to its end.

Call Append to ensure that a file is opened with write-only access, with the file pointer positioned at the end of the file. F is a text file variable and must be associated with an external file, using AssignFile. If no external file of the given name exists, an error occurs. If F is already open, it is closed, then reopened. The current file position is set at the end of the file.

System.Append is a standard procedure that returns either 0 or the appropriate I/O error code, which is one of the following:

  • A run-time error (or an exception if SysUtils is in the uses clause) if I/O checking is enabled ({$I+})
  • An I/O error (as for the System.IOResult function) if I/O checking is disabled ({$I-})

Note: If a Ctrl+Z (ASCII 26) is present in the last 128-byte block of the file, the current file position is set so that the next character added to the file overwrites the first Ctrl+Z in the block. In this way, text can be appended to a file that terminates with a Ctrl+Z.

If F was not assigned a name, after the call to Append, F refers to the standard output file.

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