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property OnExecute: TNotifyEvent read FOnExecute write SetOnExecute;


__property TNotifyEvent OnExecute = {read=FOnExecute, write=SetOnExecute};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event public
System.Classes TBasicAction


Occurs when the execute event, of a client linked to the action, fires.

Write an OnExecute event handler when you want to respond when the user triggers the client object's default event (typically an OnClick event).

For most target clients, OnExecute is associated with the OnClick event. The Click method triggers the associated Action if EnableExecuteAction is True and the OnClick event handler is not assigned (or is equal to Action.OnExecute).

OnExecute is called in the Execute method.

OnExecute also occurs when the user types the shortcut (or one of the secondary shortcuts) associated with the action or its client.

Warning: If you assign an OnExecute event handler to a predefined action, the default behavior of that action will not occur.

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