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TFiler = class(TObject)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TFiler : public System::TObject


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
System.Classes System.Classes


TFiler is the abstract base class for reader and writer objects, which are used for loading and saving components and their properties.

TFiler works with stream and component objects. It handles the internal mechanics of the streaming system that reads and writes components and their associated data. This streaming system is the mechanism by which the IDE saves components to or reads components from disk (in form files) and by which it saves and restores temporary in-memory images of components.

TFiler has two descendants, TReader and TWriter, that implement the methods introduced by TFiler. The filer type is used as a parameter to component methods that can require either a reader or writer object, depending on whether the data is read from or written to a stream. Every filer has an associated stream that is passed as a parameter to its constructor. Filer objects are usually created by the stream that becomes associated with the filer.

TFiler properties provide support for managing the streaming of owned components. Filer objects read and write the properties of components to and from a stream. Filer objects provide buffering of data to speed read and write operations.

TFiler introduces abstract methods that are customized by its descendant reader and writer objects. These include methods that enable components to load and save hidden or complex data as if it was the value of a published property.

Note: Most of the filer properties and methods have public visibility for convenience within the streaming system. The majority of them are never called directly by applications.

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