System.Classes.TThread Properties

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CurrentpublicThe currently running thread.
CurrentThreadpublicThe currently running thread.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
ExternalThreadpublicSpecifies whether the current thread is created externally or not.
FatalExceptionpublicFatalException indicates that the execution of the thread was terminated because of an uncaught Exception.
FinishedpublicIndicates whether a thread execution is completed or terminated.
FreeOnTerminatepublicDetermines whether the thread object is automatically destroyed when the thread terminates.
HandlepublicIndicates the thread's handle.
IsSingleProcessorpublicSpecifies whether the system has a single processor or not.
PrioritypublicDetermines the thread's scheduling priority relative to other threads in the process.
ProcessorCountpublicSpecifies the number of CPU cores in the system.
ReturnValueprotectedSpecifies the value returned to other waiting threads when the thread finishes executing.
SuspendedpublicIndicates whether a thread is suspended.
TerminatedprotectedIndicates whether the thread has been asked to terminate.
ThreadIDpublicIdentifies the thread throughout the system.