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TIniFile = class(TCustomIniFile)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TIniFile : public TCustomIniFile


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
System.IniFiles System.IniFiles


TIniFile stores and retrieves application-specific information and settings from INI files. ´ TIniFile enables handling the storage and retrieval of application-specific information and settings in a standard INI file. An INI file stores information in logical groupings, called "sections". Within each section, actual data values are stored in named keys. Keys take the form:

<keyname> = <value>

A FileName is passed to the TIniFile constructor and identifies the INI file that the object accesses.

Platform Support

  • Windows
On Windows platform, TIniFile is inherited from TCustomIniFile and uses the Windows API.
Note: If you want to minimize the disk access, use TMemIniFile. TMemIniFile is a related object that works the same way as TIniFile, but the buffer writes in memory to minimize disk access.
  • Non-Windows Platforms
On non-Windows platforms, TIniFile is a subclass of TMemIniFile that has the AutoSave property always set to True. TIniFile writes data into the INI file either explicitly by calling UpdateFile or implicitly when the destructor is called. Last one happens when AutoSave and Modified are set to True.

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