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function SeekEof([var F: Text]): Boolean; overload;
function SeekEof([var F: Text]): Boolean; overload;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public System.pas System System


Returns the end-of-file status of a file, ignoring whitespace.

In Delphi code, call SeekEof to determine whether there is only whitespace between the file pointer and the end of a file. SeekEof moves the file pointer past any whitespace, leaving it positioned at the end of a file or on the next nonwhitespace character, whichever comes first. If it leaves the file pointer at the end of the file, SeekEof returns True. Otherwise, it returns False.

SeekEof can only be used on open text files.

Note: {$I+} handles run-time errors using exceptions. When using {$I-}, use IOResult to check for I/O errors.

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