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TActionToolBar = class(TCustomActionToolBar)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TActionToolBar : public TCustomActionToolBar


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Vcl.ActnCtrls Vcl.ActnCtrls


TActionToolBar is a rendering engine that renders action client items as tool buttons.

TActionToolBar is a specialized container (like TPanel) that renders a group of items on screen in the order specified in the Action Manager. All of the items are created dynamically when the TActionToolBar component is connected to an item from the Action Manager.

The items themselves are internal components (similar to TSpeedButton) created by the TActionToolBar and appear consistent with the look and function of a tool bar. The layout of the items on the TActionToolBar is managed automatically and specified by the Action Manager.

Note: If you want to use TActionToolBar on a TControlBar component, you should set the AutoSize property to False. When the AutoSize property is set to True (default), the TActionToolBar control wraps its controls and expands itself in size, accordingly. This does not allow the TActionToolBar component to display properly on a TControlBar component. When TActionToolBar is set to False, the TActionToolBar hides items on the end of the bar and displays a drop-down button that provides access to those items. The control displays in the proper size.

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