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Contains the VCL implementation of AppAnalytics, a component that enables you to monitor user data from your VCL applications. For more information, see AppAnalytics Overview.

Package appanalytics280.bpl


EAnalyticsInitializationFailedThis exception raises when AppAnalytics initialization fails.
EInvalidAnalyticsUsageThis exception raises when AppAnalytics is used incorrectly.
TAppAnalyticsTAppAnalytics is the AppAnalytics usage tracking and data collection component for VCL applications.


GetAppAnalyticsReturns the instance of AppAnalytics for the application.


TAnalyticsOptionAvailable options to select the kind of data that AppAnalytics automatically collects.
TAnalyticsOptionsSet that includes the available options selected to define the AppAnalytics data collection.
TAnalyticsPrivacyMessageEventAn event handler that is fired when the privacy message is shown to an end user on startup.