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property OnHint: TNotifyEvent read FOnHint write FOnHint;


__property System::Classes::TNotifyEvent OnHint = {read=FOnHint, write=FOnHint};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event protected
Vcl.AppEvnts TCustomApplicationEvents


Occurs when the mouse pointer moves over a control or menu item that can display a Help Hint.

Write an OnHint event handler to perform special processing when the mouse pauses over a control or menu item whose Hint property is not an empty string (' "" ').

A common use of the OnHint event is to display the value of a control or menu item's Hint property as the text of a status bar (TStatusBar). The Hint property of a control can specify both a short Help Hint and a (usually) longer hint that appears elsewhere because of code in an OnHint event handler.

Note: Call the CancelDispatch method from an OnHint event handler to prevent the application from forwarding the event to any other application events objects.

Tip: Component writers can respond to the automatically-fired THintAction action in a component's ExecuteAction method rather than relying on an OnHint event handler.

OnHint is an event handler of type TNotifyEvent.

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