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Defines classes, options, and event handlers for button groups (a button group is a related group of buttons).

Package vcl280.bpl


TButtonGroupTButtonGroup displays a group of buttons in a container.
TGrpButtonItemTGrpButtonItem is an individual button of a TButtonGroup control.
TGrpButtonItemClassMetaclass of TGrpButtonItem.
TGrpButtonItemsTGrpButtonItems maintains the collection of buttons that appear in a TButtonGroup control.
TGrpButtonItemsClassMetaclass of TGrpButtonItems.


TGrpButtonDrawEventTGrpButtonDrawEvent is the type of Button Group draw event handler.
TGrpButtonDrawIconEventTGrpButtonDrawIconEvent is the type of Button Group OnDrawIcon event handler.
TGrpButtonEventTGrpButtonEvent is a type of Button Group event handler.
TGrpButtonOptionsOptions for button groups.
TGrpButtonReorderEventTGrpButtonReorderEvent is a type of Button Group reorder event handler.