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TSpeedButton = class(TCustomSpeedButton)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TSpeedButton : public TCustomSpeedButton


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Vcl.Buttons Vcl.Buttons


TSpeedButton is a button that is used to execute commands or set modes.

Use TSpeedButton to add a button to a group of buttons in a form. TSpeedButton introduces properties that can be used to set graphical images that represent the different button states (selected, unselected, disabled, and so on). Use other properties to specify multiple images or to rearrange the images and text on the button. TSpeedButton also introduces properties that allow speed buttons to work together as a group. Speed buttons are commonly grouped in panels to create specialized tool bars and tool palettes.

The recommended way to implement the button's response when the user clicks it is to assign an action from an action list as the value of the Action property. By setting the Action property, you make the button a client of the action, and the action handles update the button's properties and respond when the user clicks the button.

If you are not using an action to respond when the user clicks the button, then you can specify the button's response by writing an OnClick event handler.

Tip: To create a speed button with a client-aligned glyph that covers the button's edges, add a 1-pixel margin around the button's top and left edges and a 3-pixel margin around its bottom and right edges. Do this by manually editing the bitmap specified by the Glyph property.

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