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Package vcl280.bpl


TCaptionedDockTreeDefines a new appearance of the docking mechanism for components that can be docked.
TCaptionedDockTreeClassTCaptionedDockTreeClass defines the metaclass for TCaptionedDockTree.
TDockCaptionDrawerCreates an instance of TDockCaptionDrawer.
TDockCaptionDrawerClassTDockCaptionDrawerClass defines the metaclass for TDockCaptionDrawer.


TDockCaptionHitTestDefines the values available for use in a hit test.
TDockCaptionOrientationDefines the values used to determine caption orientation.
TDockCaptionPinButtonThe pin button styles.
TParentFormStateStores information about the parent dock form for use in drawing the dock site.


cDockCaptionDefaultGrabberSizecDockCaptionDefaultGrabberSize: Integer = $17;
dchtCaptiondchtCaption: Integer = 1;
dchtClosedchtClose: Integer = 2;
dchtCustomdchtCustom: Integer = $A;
dchtNonedchtNone: Integer = 0;
dchtPindchtPin: Integer = 3;