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Package vcl280.bpl


TBaseButtonItemTBaseButtonItem is the base class for button items used by TButtonGroup and TCategoryButtons.
TBaseButtonItemClassDefines button items that are to be included in a container, such as in button groups or category buttons.
TButtonCategoriesTButtonCategories maintains the collection of button categories that appear in a TCategoryButtons control.
TButtonCategoriesClassMetaclass of the TButtonCategories class.
TButtonCategoryTButtonCategory is an individual button category of a TCategoryButtons control.
TButtonCategoryClassMetaclass of TButtonCategory.
TButtonCollectionDefines a collection of buttons that appear in a TButtonCategory.
TButtonItemAn instance of a button in a TCategoryButtons control.
TButtonItemActionLinkTButtonItemActionLink is an action link designed specifically for controls using TButtonItem.
TButtonItemActionLinkClassMetaclass of TButtonItemActionLink.
TButtonItemClassDefines the button item class.
TCategoryButtonsDefines a group of categorized buttons.


TButtonDrawStateValues indicating the drawing state of buttons.
TCatButtonCancelEditEventRepresents the signature of the TCategoryButtons.OnCancelEdit event.
TCatButtonCategoryEventTCatButtonCategoryEvent is the procedure type of the Vcl.CategoryButtons.TCategoryButtons.OnCategoryClicked event.
TCatButtonCopyEventTCatButtonCopyEvent is the procedure type of the Vcl.CategoryButtons.TCategoryButtons.OnCopyButton event.
TCatButtonDrawEventTCatButtonDrawEvent is a procedure called by the drawing events.
TCatButtonDrawIconEventTCatButtonDrawIconEvent is the procedure type of the Vcl.CategoryButtons.TCategoryButtons.OnDrawIcon event.
TCatButtonEditedEventUsed in the TCategoryButtons.OnEdited event.
TCatButtonEditingEventUsed in the TCategoryButtons. OnEditing event.
TCatButtonEventTCatButtonEvent is the procedure type of the OnButtonClicked, the OnHotButton and the OnSelectedItemChange event handlers.
TCatButtonFlowDefines the ordering style of category buttons.
TCatButtonOptionsDefines button options for category buttons.
TCatButtonReorderEventTCatButtonReorderEvent is the procedure type of the Vcl.CategoryButtons.TCategoryButtons.OnReorderButton event handler.
TCategoryCollapseEventTCategoryCollapseEvent is the procedure type of the Vcl.CategoryButtons.TCategoryButtons.OnCategoryCollapase event.
TCategoryReorderEventTCategoryReorderEvent is the procedure type of the Vcl.CategoryButtons.TCategoryButtons.OnReorderCategory event.


crDragCopycrDragCopy: TCursor = $FFFFFFE9;