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property Formats[Index: Integer]: Word read GetFormats;


__property System::Word Formats[int Index] = {read=GetFormats};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Vcl.Clipbrd TClipboard


Provides indexed access to all the formats the clipboard contains.

Read Formats to determine what formats encode the information currently on the clipboard. Each format can be accessed by its position in the array.

Usually, when an application copies or cuts something to the clipboard, it places it there in multiple formats. An application can place items of a particular format on the clipboard and retrieve items with a particular format from the clipboard if the format is in the Formats array. To find out if a particular format is available on the clipboard, use the HasFormat method.

When reading information from the clipboard, use the Formats array to choose the best possible encoding for information that can be encoded in several ways.

Before you can write information to the clipboard in a particular format, the format must be registered. To register a new format, use the RegisterClipboardFormat method of TPicture.

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