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property HelpContext: THelpContext read FHelpContext write SetHelpContext stored IsHelpContextStored default 0;


__property System::Classes::THelpContext HelpContext = {read=FHelpContext, write=SetHelpContext, stored=IsHelpContextStored, default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Vcl.Controls TControl


The HelpContext property contains the numeric context ID that identifies the Help topic for the control.

In case of a .chm help file, you must map symbolic Context IDs of Help topics to numeric topic ID values in the [MAP] section of your project (.hhp) file.

To enable Context ID-based context-sensitive Help for a control, set Vcl.Controls.TControl.HelpType to htContext and set HelpContext to a numeric topic ID.

A topic ID of 0 (default) means that no Help topic is provided for the control.

To use the Help, insert in the uses clause of your application the Vcl.HtmlHelpViewer or another unit that provides an interface to the external Help viewer to use. For C++, you need to include the HTMLHelpViewer.hpp header file.

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