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property OnConstrainedResize: TConstrainedResizeEvent read FOnConstrainedResize write FOnConstrainedResize;


__property TConstrainedResizeEvent OnConstrainedResize = {read=FOnConstrainedResize, write=FOnConstrainedResize};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event protected
Vcl.Controls TControl


Adjusts the resize constraints.

Use OnConstrainedResize to adjust a control's constraints when an attempt is made to resize it. Upon entry to the OnConstrainedResize event handler, the parameters of the event handler are set to the corresponding properties of the control's Constraints object. The event handler can adjust those values before they are applied to the new height and width that are being applied to the control. (The CanAutoSize method or an OnCanResize event handler may already have adjusted this new height and width).

On exit from the OnConstrainedResize event handler, the constraints are applied to the attempted new height and width. Once the constraints are applied, the control's height and width are changed. After the control's height and width change, an OnResize event occurs to allow any final adjustments or responses.

Note: The OnConstrainedResize handler is called immediately after the OnCanResize handler.

OnConstrainedResize is an event handler of type Vcl.Controls.TConstrainedResizeEvent.

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