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property Mask: string read FMask write SetMask stored IsMaskStored;


__property System::UnicodeString Mask = {read=FMask, write=SetMask, stored=IsMaskStored};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Vcl.FileCtrl TFileListBox


Limits which files are displayed in the file list box.

Set Mask to a regular expression to limit the list box to files that match the mask. The value of the mask is a file name that may include wildcards. The asterisk (*) is a wildcard which matches any number of arbitrary characters. The question mark (?) is a wildcard which matches a single arbitrary character. The file mask *.* displays all files, which is the default value.

To specify multiple file masks, separate the file mask specifications with semicolons. For example, *.DLL;*.EXE.

If the form includes a TFilterComboBox object, set the FileList property of the filter combo box to have the Mask property updated automatically when the Mask property of the filter combo box changes.

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