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property CustomForms[Index: Integer]: TCustomForm read GetCustomForms;


__property TCustomForm* CustomForms[int Index] = {read=GetCustomForms};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Vcl.Forms TScreen


Lists all the forms and property pages that are currently displayed in the application.

Use CustomForms to access a form or property page by index. The value of Index is a number between zero (the first custom form) and CustomFormCount - 1. CustomForms can be used with CustomFormCount when an application needs to iterate over all its forms and property pages.

Unlike the Forms property, CustomForms lists TCustomForm descendants that do not derive from TForm (such as property pages).

Warning: The order in which CustomForms lists its forms is affected by the Z order of the forms. Do not change the Z order of forms when using CustomForms to iterate over the forms in an application.

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