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Package vcl280.bpl


EInvalidGridOperationEInvalidGridOperation is the exception class for illegal grid operations.
TCustomDrawGridTCustomDrawGrid is the base class for grids that publish events for painting and manipulating the cells in the grid.
TCustomGridTCustomGrid is the base type for all components that present information in a two-dimensional grid.
TDrawGridTDrawGrid represents a grid control that displays information in column and row format.
TInplaceEditTInplaceEdit provides text editing capabilities for grid controls.
TInplaceEditListProvides the ability to drop down a pick list of possible values or to display an ellipsis button that will invoke user code in an event in order to bring up a modal dialog.
TStringGridTStringGrid represents a grid control designed to simplify the handling of strings and associated objects.
TStringGridStringsTStringGridStrings maintains a list of the strings that appear in the cells of a string grid.




TDrawCellEventFunction type for OnDrawCell event.
TEditStyleTEditStyle indicates whether a cell in a grid contains a drop-down arrow or ellipsis button.
TFixedCellClickEventTFixedCellClickEvent is the procedural type used for OnFixedCellClick events.
TGetEditEventTGetEditEvent is the type of the event handlers that provide strings for the inplace editor of a grid.
TGetExtentsFuncTGetExtentsFunc is an internal type.
TGridAxisDrawInfoTGridAxisDrawInfo and TGridDrawInfo represent information that is useful when rendering a grid.
TGridCoordTGridCoord specifies a cell in a grid control.
TGridDrawInfoContains information about the axes, useful when rendering a grid.
TGridDrawingStyleEnumerates the possible styles used to draw a grid control.
TGridDrawStateTGridDrawState represents information useful when rendering the cell of a grid.
TGridMovementTGridMovement indicates the user actions that change the position of a grid item.
TGridOptionEnumerates the options used to customize the appearance and behavior of a grid control.
TGridOptionsTGridOptions is a set of options used to customize the appearance and behavior of a grid control.
TGridRectTGridRect specifies a set of cells that occupy a rectangular region in a grid control.
TGridScrollDirectionTGridScrollDirection indicates the direction in which to scroll the cells of a grid control.
TGridStateTGridState indicates any user actions that are currently changing the layout of the grid.
THotTrackCellInfoSpecifies information associated with a hot-track event.
TMovedEventProcedural type used for the OnColumnMoved and OnRowMoved events.
TOnGetPickListItemsType of events used for populating a pick list.
TSelectCellEventTSelectCellEvent is the type of the event handlers that occur before a cell in the grid is selected.
TSetEditEventTSetEditEvent is the type of the event handlers that assign strings to a cell in a grid.


MaxCustomExtentsMaxCustomExtents: Integer = $7FFFFFF;
MaxGridSizeMaxGridSize: Integer = $7FFFFFF;
MaxShortIntMaxShortInt: Integer = $7F;