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TCGIApplication = class(TWebApplication)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TCGIApplication : public Web::Webbroker::TWebApplication


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Web.CGIApp Web.CGIApp


TCGIApplication encapsulates a CGI server application.

TCGIApplication provides the fundamental behavior of a CGI server application. TCGIApplication starts running when the CGI server receives an HTTP request message. It creates TCGIRequest and TCGIResponse objects to represent the request message and any response that should be sent in return, passes these to the dispatcher so that the response can be filled in, and sends the response if it was not already sent by a TWebActionItem.

Each CGI server project automatically declares an Application variable of type TCGIApplication as the instance of the application. This declaration overrides the Application variable declared in the Forms unit if the CGIApp unit is declared last in the uses list of the project file. Every CGI server application must include the CGIApp unit.

To work with an Apache server, use the TApacheApplication object. To work with an ISAPI or NSAPI server, use the TISAPIApplication object instead.

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