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TWebResponse = class(TObject)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TWebResponse : public System::TObject


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public


TWebResponse is the base class for all objects that represent HTTP messages sent in response to an HTTP request message.

Use a descendant of TWebResponse to specify the response to an HTTP request message.

A web application creates a TWebResponse object based on the TWebRequest object for an incoming HTTP request message. The Web dispatcher for the application then passes the TWebResponse object to the TWebActionItem associated with the TWebRequest object, so that the response can be formulated.

TWebResponse has descendants that represent HTTP response messages in different types of web server applications. These descendants are:

  • TApacheResponse objects in Apache server applications.
  • TCGIResponse objects in CGI server applications.
  • TISAPIResponse objects in server DLLs (Windows only).
  • TWinCGIResponse objects in Windows-based CGI servers (Windows only).

The abstract (pure virtual) class TWebResponse declares a set of properties which call Web.HTTPApp.TWebResponse.GetIntegerVariable for read, and Web.HTTPApp.TWebResponse.SetIntegerVariable for write operations. Each property specifies a different index to be passed to Web.HTTPApp.TWebResponse.SetIntegerVariable and Web.HTTPApp.TWebResponse.GetIntegerVariable methods. the constant MAX_INTEGERS identifies the number of those indexes.

Each class, descending from TWebResponse must provide the implementation for Web.HTTPApp.TWebResponse.SetIntegerVariable and Web.HTTPApp.TWebResponse.GetIntegerVariable methods, and handle each passed-in index properly.

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