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property DOMVendor: TDOMVendor read FDOMVendor write SetDOMVendor;


__property Xml::Xmldom::TDOMVendor* DOMVendor = {read=FDOMVendor, write=SetDOMVendor};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Xml.XMLDoc TXMLDocument


Specifies the DOM implementation to use for parsing and manipulating the XML document.

DOMVendor is the object that represents a registered DOM implementation. TXMLDocument uses this object to obtain an IDOMImplementation interface, which can be used to access all the other DOM interfaces needed for parsing and manipulating the XML document. Once DOMVendor is assigned, TXMLDocument gets the IDOMImplementation interface (when needed) and assigns it to the DOMImplementation property.

DOMVendor must be registered before it can be used to obtain an IDOMImplementation interface. For a list of all the currently registered DOM implementations, use the global DOMVendors variable. To obtain a specific DOM implementation, given its description, use the global GetDOMVendor function. Use the RegisterDOMVendor procedure to register a new DOM implementation.

You must assign a value to either DOMVendor or DOMImplementation before you can set the Active property to True.

Tip: If you are designing a FireMonkey application that is intended to run on other platforms than Windows, select a cross-platform DOM vendor. TXMLDocument uses a Windows-only vendor by default. See Using the Document Object Model for more information.

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