Xml.XMLIntf.IXMLDocument Properties

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ActivepublicSpecifies whether the XML document has been parsed so that the DOM interfaces are available to examine or change its contents.
AsyncLoadStatepublicIndicates the state of the DOM parser when it parses the XML document asynchronously.
ChildNodespublicLists all of the child nodes of the document.
DocumentElementpublicProvides access to the root node of the XML document.
DOMDocumentpublicProvides access to the DOM interface for the parsed XML document.
EncodingpublicIndicates the character set that the XML document uses to encode characters.
FileNamepublicIndicates the XML document file, if any, that this interface represents.
ModifiedpublicIndicates whether the XML document has been modified.
NodepublicProvides access to the document node for the XML document.
NodeIndentStrpublicIndicates the string that is inserted before nested nodes in the formatted XML text.
OptionspublicInfluences various aspects of the document's behavior.
ParseOptionspublicSpecifies implementation-specific options that are followed when parsing the XML document.
SchemaRefpublicReturns the name of the schema associated with this XML document.
StandAlonepublicIndicates whether the XML document includes any external markup declarations.
VersionpublicIndicates the XML version that the document uses.
XMLpublicSpecifies the content of the XML document associated with this IXMLDocument interface.